Monday, February 23, 2009

Funny, funny dogs! was the last day we were "sheepie-sitting" Sophie. It was like they all knew she was going home and had to make the most of it. We buy these soft stuffed "babies" at PetsMart for the dogs to chew. Libby is obsessed with gutting them and getting to the squeaker. Charlie loves to carry it around squeaking it. Annoying but funny. Well, this afternoon one of them picked it up and started carrying it around. Then another decided to join in the fun and play tug-o-war. They played keep away for a while and then all of a sudden, they all decided to play tug-o-war at the same time! It was hilarious!! Needless to say, the poor baby got ripped to shreds in nothing flat. But...what the heck...they had fun, right?? Silly sheepies!!

Sophie can come play anyday!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're "Sheepie-sitting!"

Our friends, the Nicols, asked us to "Sheepie-sit" for four days over this weekend. It's been funny having Sophie (on the left) here to play with Charlie (right) and see how many of his characteristics and antics are those of a true sheepdog! She's considerably smaller than Charlie--about 20 lbs. lighter and 4-5 inches shorter. She's got longer hair which we love on her body but not sure about the face. I'm not a fan of the "top-knot" either...I like seeing his eyes and his expression. And we thought Charlie's beard was a sponge!! It's the first time we've been around another sheepie for an extended period of time. They are truly an unusual breed but so darn much fun!! They make us laugh all the time!!

What a great day!!

We had the opportunity to go to the Draper LDS Temple Open House today as a family. What an amazing experience! Sammi, Maddi, and Kenzi don't remember much about the Bountiful Temple Open House besides the little white booties we had to wear; Zack, Mal, and Tom were 8 when they went so don't remember much else. It was so great to see the beautiful craftsmanship, feel the spirit even though it hasn't been dedicated, and to spend great time together as a family.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New stuff...

I've been slowly stampin' again. I seem to be pretty darn pooped when I get home at night...fall asleep before I get anything done! I must be getting old!! Here's a cute card I made with the new set Just Buzzin' By that's in the new catalog. So adorable!
Then, even though Stampin' Up discontinued the monthly calendars, I couldn't give up making them! I have to have my own pictures hanging on the wall in the kitchen! So, I went to Ben Franklin's and got a plain calendar and I'm slowly adding my own pages. I have February and March done...LOVE them!
(Yes...Charlie has his own month! He's the only one with a birthday in February!! Cute Char-Char!!)
I'll get more done soon! I LOVE STAMPING!! (Oh yah...I just got the Big Shot! WAY FUN!!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

We're so proud of Sammi!

We're so excited/proud/sad/nervous/excited/proud of Sammi! She started her papers for an LDS mission last night! It's very bittersweet and I imagine there will be many, many, many, many, MANY tears in the next few months!!!! We're so excited for her and for our family as this is our first missionary; however, we honestly don't know what we'll do without her at home!