Sunday, April 25, 2010

Funny Charlie!

Charlie seems to think he's a lap dog and Bob's lap fits him just fine. This was the other night when we were relaxing on the deck. Charlie walked up, gave him HUGE kisses, and then climbed up, turned around, and sat down. Needless to say, they didn't fit the chair very well.

Bob's new toy

Bob found this Honda 90 on and worked a screamin' deal on it! The deal with me was we'd buy it, fix it, and then sell it for a killing to put toward a new 4-wheeler. Ya...probably not gonna happen...the kids (Zack) loves it too much!

Mal said this was a blast from the past. We had one when they were little kids and she learned to ride that one. (My twinners still like each other! YAY!!)

Even if they pull funny/weird faces! :)

It took Zack FOREVER to get Kenzi on the bike. However, now she wants to ride it ALL THE TIME! He taught her how to drive it herself and she had a BLAST!! Even wanted "date night" over here to ride the 90! Silly!!

April 22, 2010--Sammi's Hump Day!!

The day I thought would NEVER come has come and gone...HUMP DAY!!!!!!!! April 22 was Sammi's half way mark. I wanted to do something fun for her without making her sad or homesick. I made signs and had people she loves hold them and took pictures. Then I had cards with the same signs on them and had everyone sign them. I made a pillowcase (my tradition) with a camel on it and sent the cute Missionary Camel story with it. Also sent a Webkinz camel that was adorable!

Sister Lealaogata's backpack

Sammi has had so many compliments on her backpack I made her. YAY!! (Except now everyone wants one!) So, I made one for her companion, Sister Lealaogata. She wanted yellow, black, and white...this is as close as I could get. Shipping it Tuesday; hope she likes it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Missionary Moms Luncheon #2

Since before Sammi left on her mission, I have been a member of the LDS Missionary Moms email group for Florida missionaries. They are a FABULOUS group of women who offer support, encouragement, advice, laughs, shoulders to cry on, etc. We have become GREAT friends!! Well, Saturday, April 3, we had our second Florida Missionary Moms luncheon at Madeline's in South Jordan. This time, Debbie Blair, our wonderfully crazy ADHD leader/friend agreed to allow a committee to organize and plan the event. I was one of the moms from Ft. Lauderdale to help out. We went with a "Florida Flamingo" theme and really decorated up the place with that. The "gift" for all the moms this time was a pillowcase made from the missionary fabric. Marianne Wardle (another FtL mom) made 10 and I made about 30 pillowcases and then I made two lap quilts to be raffled off. It was a LOT of sewing and work but SOOOOO worth it!! We had a FABULOUS time laughing, crying, and bragging.

These are all the "projects" I worked on. There are 25 pillowcases in that pile on the seat of the couch! The bags are more...

The quilts on display at the restaurant. The two ladies that won were THRILLED!!

Debbie did this GREAT table decorations and then we slipped the pillowcases over the backs of the chairs. Another MM, Becky Olson, wrote a cute poem that we attached.

The whole view...

Cards I designed and Debbie made for the "Ice-Breaker" games.

This ADORABLE frame was one of the "Show and Tells" we had there. I've got to figure out how to make these!!

We gathered donations for each mission to send to the Presidents. They can use the stuff to give to those Elders/Sisters who don't get much from home (can you imagine how sad that would be??).

The AMAGING Ft. Lauderdale Moms (plus one Orlando RMM)
Me, Sister Seamons (her son enters the MTC in June--Haitian Creole Speaking), Jan Call, Bobbi Bird, Beth Wilcox, Claudia Bellamy (Orlando RMM), Lanette Crane, Becky Olson, Marianne Wardle

I LOVE THESE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddi and our Flamingo. Yes, she blew him up by herself!
Don't they make a cute couple?

IT WAS A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!