Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today we had the great opportunity to go to North Logan to hear Sister Karli Olsen report on her mission to FT. LAUDERDALE! Sammi didn't have the opportunity to serve as companions but they got to know each other quite well. They know Karli's mom, Becky, and I have become GREAT friends through the LDS Missionary Moms website and so they get together and talk about us. It was great to see other Florida MMs there as well. We had so much fun talking, comparing stories, listening to Karli's stories, etc. She LOVES Sammi and says she's doing WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so great to hear about her.

Missionary Moms: Mary Ann Wardle, Lanette Crane, Becky Olsen, Beth Wilcox, Debbie Blair (back row).
Jan Call, me, Kim Cundick (front row). All of us have kids in Ft. Lauderdale except Debbie and Kim, their sons are in Jacksonville. So great they came to support Becky and Karli!

All of us with Karli.

Karli with Sister Denson's family!

Maddi, Sister Karli Olsen, and I

We can't wait to go to more homecomings to hear more about our Sister Denson!

Friday, January 15, 2010

If only...