Sunday, September 20, 2009

A sight you don't see very often!!

What don't you see very often, you ask?


We tried unsuccessfully to get Demi and Libby to be in the picture. Just like kids!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just kidding!!

We just went to Deseret Book to get my very own copies of Christmas Jars Reunion and Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle. Can't tell ya how disappointed I was to find out they don't have it yet and they don't know when they'll get it in!

SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!

More waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FINALLY!!!! They're available!!

As I've written before, Jason Wright is one of my favorite authors (and he's a REALLY nice guy as well). I've been waiting for this book to come out for a LONG, LONG, LONG time!! Why, you ask? It's the sequel to my all-time favorite Jason Wright book, Christmas Jars! Finally, we get to know what happened after dinner at Chuck's Chicken 'n Biscuits!


(Now...a little side-note: I was VERY fortunate to get a sneak-peek, not easily acquired, advanced "with-threat-of-my-life-if-I-shared,-printed,-or-distributed-in-any-way" pdf format copy of the book a couple of months ago! THANK YOU AGAIN JASON!!!! :D )

It's as good as I hoped it would be! I loved it and have been so anxious to share it with family and friends. (I've been incredibly true to my promise and "pinky-swearing"!!)

Anyway...GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!! prepared to do something good for someone else!

I need to go get this one too! A children's picture book with BEAUTIFUL illustrations by Ben Sowards. Can't wait!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


We decided to take the 4-wheeler out for it's maiden trip this afternoon. Zack and Kenzi borrowed a friend's and we headed up Farmington Canyon. We had a GREAT time! The weather was PERFECT, the scenery was AMAZING, and we brought home about 10 lbs of dust each! We definitely need to get more of these!!

Almost to the top by the radar towers. BEAUTIFUL!!

That "Grandma Chair" on the back is WONDERFUL! (I just need longer legs so I can stay back in it when we're going downhill! :D )

Eating our dust most of the time.

I drove on the way down. We needed evidence that I actually did it!

SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misc stuff goin' on

Kenzi and I have had fun sewing the past couple of months. At first it was purses, now it's baby blankets! Again...
We're not making an announcement!!
We've just found some cute fabrics and a way to make cute receiving blankets. Of course, I found a pattern I loved and John Deere fabric...had to make my first "Grandma Quilt." Not sure how I'm finishing it yet...I may need to wait until Sammi gets home to have her machine quilt it. We have time though...

This is a car seat cover. It hooks onto the handles of the car seat as if you had just draped it over. LOVE the fabric!! The polka dots piece is "Minky" which is UNBELIEVABLY soft!!

Then, Bob's been working a TON of overtime lately and decided he wanted to splurge and buy something fun. He's been itching to get a 4-wheeler so...we found one on KSL and got it Thursday night. He wants to train the puppies to ride in the "Grandma Chair" with him. Libby LOVED it...Charlie not so much. Demi did great as long as she was in between Zack and Maddi. It's gonna be FUN!!

Charlie jumped out and took off running. Bob chased him around for awhile until he tired out. Then he could get him on the wheeler for a ride. Silly doggie!!