Friday, July 31, 2009

We just keep sewing!!

We're really having fun with the combinations we're finding. It's going to be hard to give some of these away!!
This diaper bag is for my cute niece, Melissa Roundy, who is having her first baby in November. We're so excited for her and Josh!

Monday, Kenzi was on break at work and pulled out her purse. The ladies went NUTS and ordered five of them! I told her to lock it up in the closet and not to let anyone see it again! (At least for a while...)
These are the same fabrics, just reversed. I think they're ADORABLE!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Even more purses!!

We're still making bags and...we'e still having fun! Everytime we walk into a fabric store, we come out with more! There are soooo many cute patterns with coordinating fabrics! It's been terribly addictive!

This one is for my laptop. I made it bigger than the purses and kinda overdid it. It's REALLY big but I guess I can carry school stuff in there as well. I love the fabric!! Whodda thunk WalMart would have such cute fabric??!!

I fell in love with this fabric the minute I saw it. I didn't make it for anyone or anything special--I just wanted the fabric! It reminds me of Mary Engelbreit!

Mallorie saw Kim Longhurst's bag she made while she was here in Utah and loved it. She asked me to "copy" it only do it in blue. I can't believe how the blue "pops" against the black and white. It's really classy looking!

Zack and Kenzi have decided they want to do their baby's room in John Deere. (Anyone who came to the Open House when they got married will know why...) We found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and knew we had to have it! She made diaper bags for a boy and a girl out of it and will put it in her Hope Chest until it's needed. They are absolutely adorable!!
The button that holds it closed is a little John Deere tractor. How cute is that??

Monday, July 27, 2009

More fun bags!

Kenzi and I had a great time this weekend making more bags! We've been hit by the "bag-bug"!! The possibilities are endless...just limited by the fabrics you can find (and the money you have to spend...). We made three whole bags and have two more just about finished. I have material to make one more and a laptop bag; Kenzi has enough to make one more. We're going to keep busy in the next few nights. (It's a good, productive way to pass the time!! :D )

Kenzi's new purse
A diaper bag I made for one of my WPJH first-year students.

Another diaper bag I made for a dear friend's daughter, Camille Packer Duckworth.

More to come in the next few days!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am a Missionary Mom!!

Today has been the hardest day of my life! I knew it would be hard to take Sammi to the MTC but I had no idea how hard! Tonight, I feel as though someone has died! Personally, I think it's a part of ME! I KNOW it's the right thing! I KNOW it's good! I KNOW it's where she should be at this point in time but...
I MISS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out her blog for today's updates and lots of pictures! SISTER SAMANTHA DENSON

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sammi's Farewell

Yesterday, we had Sammi's farewell and gathering afterward. It was a GREAT day full of many emotions. I updated her blog and just copied everything here. Sorry to those of you who follow both...I just didn't want to do it again. I also posted her talk on her blog if you're interested in reading that.
Today, I spoke in my ward for my "farewell." Afterward, we had a "gathering" at our house for friends and family. It was a great day and I was able to visit with a lot of loved ones.

My one request was that Mom get me a "Dick's Cake." White cake with raspberry filling. YUM!!

One of my bestest friends, Lauren Johnson! Love that redhead!!

Dad visiting with our good neighbor, Roy Millard.
Thanks Roy and Rosalie for loaning us your shade and tables!!

Saying good-bye to the Potter family. We talked about how old the kids would be when I get home...Kobe and Carsen would be passing the Sacrament, Tyson would be almost old enough to do it, Logan would be turning 7, Sydni would be ready for pre-school! HOLY COW!!

Mom setting things up and chatting with my Aunt Sherrie.

My cousins Brigham and Becky Denson.

Cousins Michael, Brigham, and Becky Denson.

Cousins Mysha, Jason, and baby Ella.

Great friends Travis and Linda Webb.

My baby sister, Maddi and her "honey" Dez. (I consider him my little brother and will see him in the MTC two weeks after I get there!! YAY!!!!)

It was a GREAT day!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Sewing Projects

Since Sammi gets to wear "cute" skirts on her mission, I've been sewing some for her. (I've sewn a couple of "traditional sister-missionary skirts" as well but those aren't nearly as fun!) These two skirts are ADORABLE and pretty easy to make. The instructions on the pleats weren't the best so that took some time. I've really had a good time making them for her!

Then, Sam and I were down to our good friend's house, the Fitzgerald's, showing them the skirts and they showed us purses they had been making! I HATE purses!! But...being an "old lady," I've had to start carrying one. Well, since I love the Vera Bradley purses but can't afford them, these are the next best thing! They are SOOOOO easy to make and SOOOOOOOOOOO fun! I'm only limited by the fabric I use!
This one is being used as my "purse." When I emptied my old one and organized it into this one, there was a TON of room left! Now if I can just keep from loading it all up!

I decided I needed a new scripture bag too! I customized this one to hold my scriptures in the middle, and made the inside pockets to fit my Ensign magazine and the Joseph Smith manual. There's a couple of smaller pockets inside as well for pens and such. The only problem I have with this one is the scriptures are floppy so it makes the bag a bit more floppy. I wish there was some way to make it more stable and upright like my purse. Oh well...

I've got some fabric that is ADORABLE to make a diaper bag-type one. It's really bright and girly. Don't have anyone to give it to at this point but I couldn't pass up the cute fabric for only $2.00 per yard!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poor Maddi!

Maddi had her wisdom teeth pulled this afternoon. It all started when her back molar broke in half about two months ago. I tried to get her to make an appointment with the dentist but, being the typical 18-almost-19-year old that she was, she "forgot." Finally, I made one and the dentist said it had to come out FAST! While we waited to get her in to the oral surgeon, more broke off. On Monday, I got her in to see Dr. Liston and he scheduled it for this afternoon. We figured while he was in there for that tooth, he might as well pull the wisdom teeth. Fortunately for her, she only had three. However, they hadn't even begun to come in so...they were tough to get out. Between the tooth that broke and the wisdom tooth, they were in REALLY deep which meant he had to dig them out. He said he could see her sinus membrane!! EWWWW!!!!!! We have to watch her closely so it doesn't blow a hole in it!! GROSS!!!!! I've given her all the pain meds I can and she still hurts! Poor baby!!!!!