Monday, February 22, 2010

Phone Call from the Hales

Mallorie's boss, Drake Busath, took a new picture of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It's a BEAUTIFUL picture and we, as family members of an employee, and the Quorum of the Twelve can order them. There are VERY few of we are VERY lucky!! Because President Hale is "friends" with so many of these wonderful men, we bought a picture and sent it to Sammi to give to him. He was thrilled!! Here's what she said in her email today:

"Sister Schulthies overheard President say that that picture is in one of the top 10 gifts he's ever received. They're like his best friends! We all joked as we were taking the picture that we were the only ones who gets a picture with all 12 Apostles! Haha They loved it!!! He was giddy like a little boy when I gave it to him. He was very touched. Thank you so much!"

Even better, President and Sister Hale called me on Thursday to personally thank me for it. He was THRILLED!! He said it was like having all his friends with him! I'm so glad he liked it! They also told us how wonderful Sammi is doing and how much they love her. So great to hear!!

The Literacy Promise Conference

Last Thursday and Friday, I had the opportunity to attend "The Literacy Promise Conference" at the Salt Palace. They brought in national speakers to talk about reading and writing in the classroom. Overall, it was "OK." Many of the speakers hadn't been in the classroom in a VERY long time and really didn't know what is possible and/or realistic in Utah. The highlight of the conference, for me, came on the final day. Brad Wilcox, a popular LDS speaker and author, was a presenter. He is also part of the Teacher Education Department at BYU. He also was the speaker at the Christmas Devotional in the Florida Ft. Lauderdale Mission!! He and President Hale were companions in Chile Del Mar many years ago. I had the chance to talk with him, show him Sister Denson's picture from the party, and visit with him about how wonderful the Hales are. He wanted Sammi to be in one of the pictures--silly guy! What a great opportunity!!