Sunday, October 12, 2008

Charlie's first snow!!

Believe it or not, we were actually thrilled to wake up to 3" of snow this morning! It meant we were all home for Charlie's first snow storm! (I was afraid it was going to happen on a weekday and I'd have to call in "sick" to stay home and watch him play. At least we had a few minutes to enjoy it before 8:30 church!!) At first, he didn't know quite what to do with it but quickly figured out it was LOTS of fun!! He's been out most of the time since we got home from church (which is unusual) and comes in soaking wet! That fur holds a ton of water and snow!! The paws and legs end up with snowballs...too much fun!!

I uploaded a video on YouTube (our first). I apologize in advance for video of the "morning potty break" but when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a GREAT weekend!!

This has been a terrific weekend!! It started Friday night when a local book store, Deseret Book, had various artists and authors in for signings. Adorable Jason Wright was there so, of course, Sammi, Kenzi, and I had to go see him and get autographed copies of Recovering Charles.
It was GREAT to visit with him and hear a little bit more about New Orleans. (You really should read the book! It's got a great message!!)

After visiting with Jason, we wandered over to see one of my favorite artists, Greg Olsen.

I've already got one of his paintings hanging in the living room but wanted to see what new pieces he has out. (I wish I had an unlimited budget and I'd cover the walls with them for all seasons! He's AMAZING!!) Standing around waiting to talk to him for a minute, the girls and I found one of his new paintings called "Walk with Me."
I instantly fell in love with it; I loved the way it was framed (it matched the living room so much better than the other one)! We checked out the price (1/2 off!!!!!!) and the girls convinced me I needed to get it. I was kidding around and said I would as long as he would sign it for me. WELL THAT WAS EASY!!!!! So...I have a personalized Greg Olsen painting hanging in my living room now!! It's stunning!! I'm so excited!! Needless to say, the shopping trip was much more than I expected but I'm not sorry!

Yesterday, we had the baby shower for Mysha and Jason. It was so much fun and they got so many adorable things for the baby. She's ready to have her any day and now has a lot of things to take care of her. It made me want to be a GRANDMA!! Someday.......

Last night, the guys went to the Priesthood session of Conference so I took the girls to dinner and a movie at the Salomon Center in Ogden. They'd all been there before but I hadn't. What a great place for Ogden!! We went to dinner at Costa Vida (great burritos) and then went to see the movie, Forever Strong.

What an AMAZING movie!!!!! It's the story of the Highland Rugby team here in Salt Lake City. The coach, Larry Gelwix has a great philosophy of raising championship boys rather than a championship team. In his career of over 30 years as coach, he's won 361 games and lost 9. The comraderie, sense of family, and integrity he has on his teams far out surpasses his statistics of winning games. It was touching, funny, and incredibly inspirational. I recommend it HIGHLY!!

Today will be nice and relaxing as we watch two sessions of LDS Conference. We weren't able to watch much yesterday but will all day today. Traditionally, it's a fun and relaxing "Stamping Day" for Kenzi and I so I'll post what we make later.