Friday, June 1, 2012

I/We did it! Another year down...

Today was the last day of school.
Another year down...this makes 10-1/2.
This has been one of the. toughest. years. ever!
Not necessarily from a "school" standpoint but rather

When I stop and look back where I/we was/were 180 school days ago, I can't believe it!
So much has happened!
Some wonderful... :)
Some horrible... :(

But...I/we did it!
Quite frankly, I'm amazed and proud of all of us!

This year, I have met some of the most remarkable young people I've ever had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with. They are people I want to follow, keep track of, watch take on life because they are going to do AMAZING things!

Today, I said goodbye to some wonderful colleagues that have touched my life and made me a better person and teacher. I will miss them dearly as one retires after 23 years, one gets to be a stay-at-home Mom, and another moves to a different school. I've enjoyed working with these ladies and it just won't be the same come September. I. HATE. CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always have; probably always will. I sit here writing this, I have all three puppies around me sound asleep...Wyatt is in the "grandkids' room" sound asleep...and Mallorie and Drew just drove up to hang out for the afternoon. I have almost 90 days of playing, relaxing, and enjoying the most precious people around...MY FAMILY!!! Without them, I wouldn't have made it through this year, or any other for that matter and I absolutely treasure every minute I get to spend with them.

So...if I sound a little melonkolee (melancholy said like in MegaMind), I might be but it won't last long...


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Mallorie Forbes said...

You have been a trooper and we are so proud of you!

Also that you stayed awake enough during a movie to remember a funny word!

We look to a fun filled summer
Love you!