Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cutest "May" boys EVER!

It's an official Grammy tradition...
I buy the boys "twinner" outfits and we take pictures that become everyone's wallpaper on phones, computers, desk photos, etc. 

It's getting easier each month in some ways; in others...much harder! Wyatt is easier to keep awake, we can prop him up better, occasionally get a smile. However...Drew is getting harder! He's more easily distracted with every. single. thing...{imagine saying "squirrel" a dozen times while trying to get just a few little shots}...doesn't want to sit still, and wants to show Wyatt everything he sees! (Note his hand on Wyatt's head in several pictures...that's his way of saying, "Hey Wy...check this out!" :) So stinkin' cute!) 

Anyway, I got the May outfits and Mal decided to do the photo-shoot Wednesday. These boys get cuter every single day!

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Kierstin said...

Oooh! Michelle, they are SO cute!! You lucky grandma ;). Hope you are all doing well!! Loves n snuggs!